Progress Report of HEDF:

Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation® came into existence in 3rd December 2010 and since its inception it has been doing so many charitable activities for the benefit of Society and underprivileged people. HEDF has large field force is the evidence of its excellent working for the human beings. So, it has solid and practicable field force throughout Pakistan in every District/Tehsil/ Union Council/Town and village as well as in the world. Men and women are its members and gradually its members are increasing day by day. The women are also in hundreds and men are supporting them in order to help out the victimized people of the society. This is the reason that basic needs are being provided to them and every aspect is closely touched as education, health, human rights, women, youth & Child welfare, safe drinking water, advocacy and awareness etc. The detailed report is as under:-


1- Transparency and Good Governance:

HEDF is seeking transparency and good governance in Government and private sectors. There is dire need to create awareness activities throughout Pakistan. So, HEDF is proving awareness to the innocent people through meetings, brochures as well as other available sources. HEDF provide legal facility to its members and affected people from Corruption as well as other illegal activities.

(i) Shelter Home: We provided daily use-able things / financial help to the women and children in Shelter Home owned by District Government Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan as well as other Districts/cities.

(ii) Vocational Training: To continuing our work for the benefits of under privileged people, especially marginalized women and adolescent girls of pre-urban and rural-cum-remote areas of the targeted districts. We are running Vocational Training Centers for the Empowerment of women and Youth. After getting training from our institutional, we support them for their own jobs or industrialists etc, so that they can earn for their households and support their local community.

(i) Free Coaching Centre: The low performance of a majority of the Government schools and drop out ratio of children (male/female) from school in re-settlement areas in Pakistan has been a matter of concern and intense debate in the media and in the educational circles during the past few decades. Negligence on the part of parents for the children, lack of proper attention by the school teachers in school and illiterateness of parents are the same reasons for drop out from schools by the children. We want to overcome the problem of drop out from schools by the under privileged children of slum area and resettlement colonies. That is why, we are running free coaching centre for school going under privileged children to help them in their studies as there is no educational environment in their houses. Most of the parents of these students are working class and illiterate and they are not serious about their studies. So, we are providing them Books, Uniform, Bags and Shoes etc. for their regular studies.

(ii) Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens: Elders are always respectable in every Civilization of the world as well as in Pakistani Culture because their valuable past experience nurture of our present. We understand their Importance and respect their existence. That is why; we organized monthly get to gather for senior citizens at our centre for their entertainment where they share their views on social and political mater of country as well as world followed by with some refreshments. We have been running recreation centre for senior citizens since the beginning of our work by providing daily news paper, some indoor games etc for the entertainment of Senior Citizens. We also provided information about the Senior Citizen Pension scheme of Government of Pakistan and helped in fulfilling the formalities relating to their problems.

(v) Career Counseling: We also provided Career Counseling to students for their better future and make them aware about the various vocational courses initiated by different stakeholders as well as Government.

(iii) Personality Development: We have also provided personality development techniques for the students who are coming to our centre.


2. Health:

(i) Dengue Awareness Campaign: It is stated that Huqooq-ul-Ebad development Foundation, Gujrat has been working door to door awareness of Dengue and also attended many Seminars and Walks at Gujrat as well as whole Punjab-pakistan under the supervision of Social Welfare Department.

(ii) Hygiene Awareness Camp: To make general people specially Children, Women and Senior Citizens about the importance of Hygiene, as their chances are high to get infected, Health Hygiene Awareness Camp organized on 20.6.2011 at Huqooq-ul Ebad Development Foundation, G.T.Road, Gujrat Office.

(iii) Free Medical Camp: HEDF always aware of people’s life, So HEDF arranged two medical camps in Gujrat City and Kharian to general medical checkup and provided free medicines. This facility is being provided quarterly basis every year to overcome the diseases.

(.iii) Polio Immunization awareness: HEDF team visits door to door with local Health Department to eradication of Polio Immunization awareness program through brochures etc as well as Vaccination Campaign for flung areas. Some Areas are very dangerous but we are serving without fear.

(iv) Hepatitis B,C and HIV/AIDS Awareness: HEDF is raising awareness of Chronic Viral Hepatitis B/C and HIV/AIDS with other NGOs in the province of Punjab-pakistan where often people found with Hepatitis B/C and HIV/AIDS. So, often, Seminars /walks are arranged to aware the community. Due to fewer budgets, there are very hurdles but we are doing continuously with the help of other NGOs.


3. Empowerment of Women and Child Development

(i) Awareness on Female Feticides: Expressing concern over the drop in the sex ratio in Punjab (433 girls per 500 boys), we organized a cultural awareness events every year.

(ii) Legal Advice and Information: We have been providing free legal advice and Information to under privileged women against domestic violence who are mostly belongs to poor families. Our legal centers are being arranged in HEDF’s local area offices.

(iii) Food and nutrition information: We have been providing free food and nutrition advice and information for women and children for their healthy life.

(iv) Financial Help: HEDF is providing financial help to the poor Widows, Old age Persons, Disabled / Handicapped and flood affectees, especially Poor Minorities Families etc. on quarterly basis in shape of Cash or Kind etc.

(iv) Introduction and awareness of Govt. Schemes: We have been providing information and awareness of various schemes of Punjab Government for the benefit of under privileged women like widow, old age and destitute and helping them in fulfilling the formalities relating to the scheme.


4. Environment:

(i) Tree Plantation: For the betterment of environment and to fulfill the dream of green and clean Punjab, Pakistan, we planted tree in District Gujrat & Hafizabad City and the Fawara Chowk Park Gujrat on 13.9.2012 with the help of local people. We also aware the local people about the global warming and the role of general people for making the pollution free environment.

"HEDF" Program for Environment Purification:-Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation organized "Different Programs" on 28th March 2011 with the help of some local Representatives for the purpose of Pollution free environment and for good human values for the backward community of the society. Syed Muhammad Ashfaq, the president of Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation Gujrat was the chief guest of the program

(ii) World Environment Day Celebration: Environment is most talk about topic now a days and its betterment is essential for quality life of people around the world. Considering the importance of environment and its awareness to the growing children and common man Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation organized a Plantation and Awareness Camp on World Environment Day-2011. The some important personalities were the chief Guest of the program. We did a plantation at Gujrat Fawara Chowk Park with the help of local Municipal staff. The Plants were supply by the Forest Deptt; Gujrat. The event was focused on global warming and the role of general public for making the pollution free environment. Children Participated in all activities very enthusiastically.

(iii) Awareness Programs at Schools and Community: We celebrated the eve of 2012 with plantation and awareness drive in Gujrat District. We planted the saplings and plants with the help of TMA staff. The Saplings and plants were provided by District Officer, Environment Gujrat and all HEDF Members of were also actively participated in the event.

HEDF is considering one of the best tools for environment purification that is why, we organized different events for environment purification. Through this environment purification we tried to put good human value among the underprivileged people and make them aware about our environment. Campaign on Noise Pollution, Plastic Bags, Cleanliness, Water Conservation, Walk to Walk/Walk to shop will be launched. Environmental Clubs in Schools and Colleges will also be established to promote environmental activities and awareness.



The year 2013-2014, has seen a lot of work, efforts and progress undertaken by the organization. My heartfelt appreciation to all our members, supporters and well wishers who joined us in spreading pleasure in the lives of several others. Also, I convey my best wishes to the entire team of Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation and want to congratulate for their commitment and contribution. I also pay my special thanks to the people from Media for their coverage of our various events and activities and I hope we will continue to work with the new passion and more enthusiasm as compare to we have shown in the last years with the help of Respected Donors etc.