Corruption And Remdial Measures In Pakistan

Corruption and remdial measures in Pakistan

Corruption has become one of main causes, why our country is not progressing today. Corruption has become a curse on us for not establishing an ideal Islamic democratic system in Pakistan. The chaos is all because our people so far, have failed to make our country the way Quad-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal wanted it to be. International Transparency Report has put Pakistan on 134th position of the least corrupt nations in the world, while India is on 95th position. The gap of 39 nations between Pakistan and India shows that how quickly India is getting out of this disease, while Pakistan has yet to make her intentions clear to the world regarding taking any serious visible, viable and vulnerable measures against the current ongoing corruption, which so far, it has failed to do.

Pakistani society has been merged into the corruption. Since Pakistan is a feudalist country, its dominating feudalist class had always been a big hurdle in letting institutions act against the corruption and bring the accountability of everyone and enhance the law and order in the country. Institutes are under the influence of such group of few people, who do not want to remove corruption from our society. Today, both elites and the common masses have equally become victims of the wave of corruption. Society in general has been confused and chaotic in formulating and implementing any viable policy to wipe out corruption from its current environment.

Root causes of corruption in Pakistan can be detected easily. Though its relatively easier to detect the causes, but extremely difficult to eradicate them. For, in practical ground, one need to put up a power of a Hercules, a heart of a freedom fighter, a mind of Iqbal and a leadership of Jinnah. The main reason why Pakistan is merged into corruption is the absence of fundamental lack of justice. Along with absence of proper implementation of law, we can broadly categorize main causes of corruption as political instability, lack of accountability, lack of awareness, poverty, un-employment, unequal status of common masses and lack of moral character in society. As mentioned earlier, it would require a huge dedication from our leadership as well as working class to wipe out the basic causes of corruption; but it’s the hope that we should never give up. We should always strive for practical actions to wipe out its root causes from its very roots.

Corruption is a side effect of not achieving the goals that our leaders had set for our country in the beginning of its creation. Pakistan has lost its way! We were supposed to establish an ideal state for entire Muslim community and work as bridge between Islam and the west. Our fore fathers had given their lives for that same cause and our country came into existence, not to sink into the social and moral evils like corruption but to establish a system based on Islamic principles and righteousness. A system, where Muslims get chance to practice right code of conduct and non-Muslims may be free to practice their religions and society could follow the Islamic guidance on their day to day matters. Who would think for even a smallest second, a society based on such high characteristics and having corruption at the same time?

One of the reasons why Pakistan could not establish the ideal Islamic system, was because if this country could establish the ideal system for which it was born, the authority of the ruling class mainly feudalists, land lords, Jagirdars and Waderas could be reduced or eliminated. This was obviously not acceptable to them at any cause. As a result, Liaquat Ali Khan who was working hard for the cause of heading Pakistan towards the ideal nation was assassinated. Pakistan ever since the death of Quaid-I-Azam and Liaquat Ali khan has never been recovered. Feudalist class is the current dominating class and source of all problems. It ultimately makes society essentially corrupt in nature.

Other reason why we could not establish the ideal Islamic system was because our religious figures could not give us the guidance the way it was required. In fact they opposed Pakistan from every single day and were not sincere in its cause. They themselves were divided into sects and conflicts on religious ideology that they could not help much to the cause of the nation.

If Pakistan today wants to get rid of corruption, it must follow the true Islamic system of living. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be the role model and Islamic society should be the ideal society for us. Then the world will see Pakistan rising from the darkness into the light with support and blessings of the prophet and help of the Almighty Allah. Then we would not only reduce corruption but also reduce many similar evils from our society.

Quaid-i-Azam once said in the then Indian national assembly prior to partition that, “One of the biggest curses from which India is suffering – I do not say that other countries are free from it, but, I think, our condition is much worse, is bribery and corruption. That really is a poison. We must put that down with an iron hand and I hope that you will take adequate measures as soon as it is possible for this Assembly to do”. Quaid-i-Azam at that time did not know that the state for which he will put up a struggle and achieve it in the south Asia will have more disastrous effects of corruption and bribery than the one it will separate from. If we could not follow Quaid’s instructions, than we would be bound to have the corrupt system for the next many generations.

In order to eliminate corruption from its roots, we must undo its causes. We must end the feudalistic culture where the fate of a country lies with few hand full numbers of the families. Leadership must feel the responsibility of taking strict measures against the corrupt elements in government and its institutions thus put an end of corruption from all corners. True Islamic system based on democracy should be implemented. There should be a political stability inside the country. Power politics should be put to an end.

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