Board of Directors

Constitution of Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Organization is constituted by the General Council to Administer and manage the affairs of the Organization. The President is the Chief Executive of the organization and is the Administrative Head for the Management and Administration of its affairs. There are expert Members from different Specialization in Social Works have been constituted to run the Organization and fulfill its Objectives smoothly.

General Council

1 Mr. Syed Muhammad Ashfaq President / CEO ceo ashfaq
2 Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Asghar Sr.Vice President sultana
3 Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Vice President zeeshan
4 Mir Nisar Ahmed Lashari General Secretary lashari
5 Mis. Adan Shahzadi Deputy General Secretary shahzadi
6 Ms. Azhra Kanwal Information Secretary samina
7 Mr. Ansar Mahmood Finance Secretary ansar



 Advisory Board
1 Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Naeem Chief Coordinator
2. Ms. Fatemeh Mehrjou R & D Expert
3. Ms. Samina Kousar  Sr. Coordinator asghar
4. Abu Bakar Coordinator Hafizabad asghar
5. Mr. Zahid Mahmood Executive /Organizer asghar
6. Mr. Rizwan Aslam   Executive Member asghar
7. Mr. --------  Executive Member asghar
8. Mr. ------------  Executive Member asghar



Overseas Council
1 Mrs. Gulsara Cadigulova Coordinator (Asian States) asghar
2. Ms. Soria Assistant Coordinator (Iran) soria
2. Ahmed Raza Gujjar Coordinator (Malaysia) raza



Provincial Body
1 Mrs. Gulsara Cadigulova President (punajb) asghar
2 Mrs. Gulsara Cadigulova President (Blochistan) asghar
3. Ms. Soria President (Sindh) soria
4. Ms. Soria President (KPK) soria